A run, a Beauty indulgence and dinner…

Surprise, is my reaction at this being my first post on my brand new blog. I thought it was going to be something a bit worthier about how I was different or wanted to save the world or something a little more on-trend. I spent the majority of the weekend faffing about with design, styles, logos, social media links and decided tonight that the whole purpose of a blog is that you actually write. So after talking to myself for ages (with the doggo thinking i’ve finally lost it and asking to be re-homed by the Dogs trust), an inane social media dalliance (procrastination; it’s a disease that I’m riddled with), I am finally here writing something.

It’s been a good day even if when the alarm went off this morning, it got quickly shushed and I got up 45 minutes later than intended which meant technically I was running late. I am not really a “New Year New Me”, kind of person.  I am a hundred recriminations and several tons of guilt at not sticking with what I was going to do last year, kind of person.

This year I am at least trying to kickstart my fitness back into gear. This is after consuming more cheese than half of France does on an annual basis over the festive period. So I am running a mile a day. We’re on day 8.

I can’t just run though.. I’ve tried it before and even with a great playlist, I get bored. Fast.  I’ve been trying out ZOMBIES RUN which is a fantastic little app that is keeping me going.. I am runner 5, I can’t say a lot more and will do a review on this blog at some point but at the moment it keeps my legs working and moving. I’ve got brilliant beautiful Conbor bluetooth headphones, which stay in, sound amazing (even when its scary zombie growls..) and were a wonderful gift from Batman. – I’ll explain the Batman bit later I think…

It’s very dark out and I had to misappropriate (borrow) some safety gear from the corporate asylum and there I am above in my wonderful get up. I made it through the run, to pick up on my second trip through the front door this evening, my Birchbox.

I’ve had some awful boxes in the past with absolutely no useable products, this time I hit the jackpot, some skin stuff that I will definitely try. Even the eyeliner isn’t in some weird pink shade for a change and completely appropriate (not that I’ve ever been terribly appropriate). Go Me! There was also some incredibly girly flamingo stickers which will soon be decorating a notebook or piece of tech.  It’s the child in me, I can’t resist stickers…. Even the corporate asylums laptop (heavier than most hippos and about as fast) has a sticker or two on it…

Then it was time to eat, I do lower carb and have been on and off for years, it’s the only thing that works and as I am addicted to bread, chocolate well just about all types of food, it helps keep my sugar cravings at bay…. I’m not a zealot, I will eat anywhere between 30 and 40 carbs depending what my goals are. I feel better for it, it isn’t the right choice for everyone but for me…. It’s perfect.

There was a problem with dinner. The problem was that I’d eaten my calories/macros for today by about 1pm and I was left with about 400 calories. I track via MyFitnessPal, who is nobodies bloody pal when you’re starving and you’ve just run a mile and a half looking like an escaped road worker. I will do posts about food on this blog, maybe even a recipe or two – no food stylists will be harmed! My food posts will be what I make as I make it and because I get tutted at if the peskytarian’s (Batman) food is cold (there’s another post here…) it will always be honestly done.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. It’s time for bed.

(I am seriously concerned about the use of an apostrophe above. It will keep me awake tonight and I am too tired to google it.)







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