Blogging and Salads

At the corporate asylum, I work in marketing.. – Wait! Don’t roll your eyes. This does not make me an expert on this schnizzle or give me some sort of innate and arcane knowledge of how to write a blog, although it does help me a bit with the food stuff as I work for a food company.

Anyway, I have managed to complete run day nine of my mile a day challenge. Hurrah! I am sticking with my lowcarb food choices. I’ve lost approximately ten pounds (that I don’t ever intend finding again) and I’m actually blogging. Like, for real and everything.

I’m going to update some of the admin and peripherals of the site over the next few days and then work on another blog post.

Now advice? Should I write one of the following two topics for my next post –

Fitness or Food?

Let me know in the comments?



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