Food – Health & Eating your feelings.

I’ve always had a strange relationship with food. When I was very little I refused to eat my vegetables. Not in an “all kids do that kind of way”, in a very serious that will make me throw up kind of way, and I’ve gradually been re-introducing foods into my diet ever since. Current status: the three foods I don’t like are sweetcorn, oysters and tripe. That’s it.

In the twisted household there is 1 x peskytarian (pescatarian – my description is more accurate), 1 x eight year old boy some nights during the week and most weekends (he’s been a vegetarian twice and doesn’t like cheese). Plus me – the carnivore/turned omnivore (currently lower carb).

This can mean on any given night, I am often plating up three separate meals. All scratch cooked. This, whilst super annoying and time consuming has made me a better cook. I also eat lower on the white food scale, I’m not demented or rabid about it, but my sugar cravings, lethargy and health is always better when I steer clear of beige/white foods. Except cauliflower, that is a white hero and rocks!

I am a overeater when unhappy, frustrated or sad. So finding something that works for my health and wellbeing has been a bit of a journey.

The scales can range from a size 10 (someone make her eat a mars bar) to a size 16 (with an alarm going off when i go anywhere near a set of scales).

I don’t believe in perfect diets or perfect plans for health. I do believe that you have to find something with food and fitness that works for you. That could be a combination of things, food combining, low carb, IIFYM, fasting, paleo and the list is endless. You do what “works” sustainably for you! Try and eat food – whatever it is, even cake, that hasn’t had someone mess with it too much and forgive yourself for that last biscuit.

Learning to cook and cooking nice meals can really help you to achieve your health and wellness goals and as I’ve been asked for recipes quite a bit recently I might start a little section on here of my personal favourites.

All the photography and steps will be done as I make it in a real kitchen, with supermarket ingredients (no need to go schlepping up the Himalayas for some obscure herb).

Hope you’re eating well and living twisted.

Bedtime again and London bound tomorrow.



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