Five things I learned starting a running habit

This year, I decided I wanted to get back to running and get my heart rate up at least once a day. Working in an office environment; My Fitbit HR was regularly informing me that I was somewhere around 2,500 steps a day (the shame).  Sarah’s the name (sedentary is the game).

I saw on Myfitnesspal an article about someone who had run a mile a day in 2017. This seemed like an excellent way to get my heart rate up on a daily basis and add to my steps and stop the constantly defeated feeling on checking my daily fitbit report.

On day 14 having run a total of 30 miles so far , here are the five things I’ve learned about keeping the running habit.

1. It takes under 15 minutes to run a mile.

Run times - faster than you think.
Genuine run times. Don’t laugh, I know I’m slow.

Even if you’re the slowest runner in the world and are just starting the habit like me, (run/walk/cry) it takes about 15 minutes to run a mile (even on snail mode). This is achievable for me every single day. I can commit 15 minutes to something every day. Even on really time poor days and yes you can add 15 mins either side if you’re being honest, getting changed, shower (honestly, if you’re a sweat’er like me. Needed!) But it’s still not a huge commitment of time.


2. No special equipment needed (No, REALLY!)

No special equipment needed. Untie those laces first, big tip – right there!

You do not need special equipment or expensive shoes. Initially when I thought about taking running up as a habit, my first thoughts were, I need new shoes and I’ll need specialist running gear and I will obviously need some new running leggings, cute tops…. etc. The simple truth is – this is rubbish.

You “NEED” – Loose, comfortable clothing, a sports bra, a pair of trainers or running shoes that are comfortable and fit. THAT IS IT! (she tells herself googling “insert glam sportswear brand here” – again.)

3. Music is not enough – for me

Zombie snarls make you run faster. FACT!

Music alone (does not keep me motivated), I found in 15 minutes, even after spending far too much time in Spotify sorting out the perfect playlist, I was getting distracted and bored. I also spent way too much time on my phone skipping tracks and not focusing on the run. To fix this I downloaded a running App. I use “Zombies Run“. It fits with my quirkiness, it’s a good story, once you’re on it  – you don’t have to look at your phone again and it cuts in over your music tracks so you can still listen to your favourite tunes. – *Warning you may find that you are running more than a mile using this app.

There are lots of running apps on Android and at the App Store. If like me your attention span could be called rabid goldfish at best, then find one that works for you.

4. Safety First

Safety - Be safe, be seen.
It’s common sense

Safety –  I am running at night and in the early morning, outside (rather than on the treadmill) and Batman worries. At this time of year its very dark. Therefore, I have a high-visibility jacket which I stick on the outside of my clothing. If you live in Birmingham in the UK please give me a wave if you see what looks like a demented road worker running by the side of the road. Ensure you can be seen, even if that just means wearing lighter clothing.

5. I am starting to enjoy it

Runner fists to heavens
Because I do this every time I put my trainers on…. NOT.

Enjoyment, who knew? I was expecting to grit my teeth and hate every single second of this because its cardio and I’m not known for my love of jigging about. I enjoy the peace and quiet and time all to myself out there on the road, in the park or by the canal. I find I think a lot, my sleep quality/duration has improved and I love seeing parts of Birmingham that I’d probably never get too, if I hadn’t started this habit.

There’s another three hundred and something days before I can claim that I ran a mile a day in 2018, but for now I am still running. – Now, where did i put my trainers?

On another note, I am in love with these headphones! Canbor Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 4.1 Headset, Sport IPX7 Sweatproof Earbuds with Mic for Gym Running


Do you run? Are you a runner? I’d love to hear about how you got started or made it a regular habit? You know what to do, in the comments below….


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