Happiness & Contentment

Who get’s up like this? Honestly, I want some of their breakfast cereal!

I never feel like this. Why, do I never feel like this? I want too. I want to be that person raging with contentment and bliss about being alive. But more often than not i’m just too tired, too frustrated and too angry to actually do it.

I was going to write this really pithy post tonight with so much snark and gusto and one liners and it was going to be brilliant.

and then.

I’ve just read a post from a guy who has liver cancer and is going to die who gives you five great tips on how to be happy. There’s a picture of him with his daughter which is a lovely replica of one of him with his dad, and now…

Go read his post, it’s far better than mine and I wish him a miracle. Find it here Great post. Try not to cry.

I’ve got nothing…..

Shame. Oooopppsssy.

My snark has snarled off and I’m left with a set of 1st world problems and a chip on my shoulder that I probably need to get looked at. I sound whiney. Y’know that voice in my head is just a teensy bit ashamed of itself/myself. Because, if I’m honest, I don’t actually have any real problems. Oh, the corporate asylum is making me want to eat one of my colleagues and I’m surrounded by people who make me tired and angry and sad. But problems? Issues? Nah, i’m not surrounded by those.

There are periods of your life where you have to make a choice. Do I woman up, make a plan and change things so that I’m not whiney anymore? Or, do I continue to feel miserable and disrespected by people who actually wouldn’t know a good idea if it sexually harassed them.

BUT, I have “THAT” choice, I have that “TIME”, to continue in my groove or jump the tracks and do something different. So, awareness is a wonderful thing and all, but why haven’t I done it yet? Why can’t I commit to the pursuit of happiness and contentment?

It’s because i’m scared. Big FAT. (I ate two slices of cake today and burst in to tears when working from home). Scaredy Cat!

Hello there, my name is “Scaredy Cat”

Time to stick my big pants on, be grateful (genuinely) for the lessons that my job has taught me and move onto something that makes my mojo happy.

Rant. Post. Over.

Big girl pants going on.


So how about you? What prevents you from jumping the tracks and how do you make a choice to be happy?



One thought on “Happiness & Contentment

  1. Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing my post. Some days are harder than others, for sure! For me, I’ve been taught that everything has two sides, dark and light, like the two sides of a coin… it is you who decides which side to stare at.

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