Beauty – Skin changes. Dry, Dry, Dry!

I’ve always adored beauty products, the colourful stylish packaging and very good job that marketers do on me. All those little boxes, pots and jars with exotic ingredients that have been treated in a dazzling array of ways that you either need to be a biochemist or a rocket scientist to understand. Batman (the bf) also loves his beauty treats and it can be a constant battle keeping him out of my cupboard. So far I’ve been really successful at staking my territory.

I recently (about six months ago) signed up for Birchbox and I’ve been enjoying using the trial size items that drop onto the mat, once a month. Admittedly there haven’t been any products that I’ve gone on to buy full-sized yet, but I live in hope of discovering a real find.

As I’ve gone a little further into my forties, I’ve discovered that my skin composition has significantly changed and products that were once stalwarts of the cupboard are unused and unloved and there’s still (even after a new year clear out) products nestling in the back that I can’t bear to part with (like a keepsake or a memento to my skins glory days).

My skin, on a good day!

My skin type could best be described as “Sahara” or “autumn leaves”, you know all those ads you see for coping with shine – I’d give my right little finger for even a chance at some shine. Oily skin you say “oh poor you!”. We always want what we don’t have. I am now conducting a rigorous programme of trying to get at least 2.5 litres of water down my neck each day even if it means that 6,000 of my steps come from running back and forth to the toilet.

So for the Sahara I am trying a little experiment, I’ve started cleansing and moisturising in the evening. I am ashamed to say that up until recently my night-time routine consisted of brushing teeth and a shower (sometimes) and I didn’t even always take my make-up off either. (I think a beauty blogger/vlogger just gasped in horror and clutched at her heart by me writing this.) and as for the Korean ten step programme for poreless skin – ha ha ha ha ha, how many steps? Ha ha ha ha, sorry, sorry – pull it together SJ.

I am a proud member of the Amazon affiliates program and if you purchase the products in the links below from Amazon I will receive a small commission. This is at absolutely no additional cost to you and you do not pay anything for clicking on a link. I don’t and won’t ever recommend products that I haven’t personally used or tested. I will not be able to purchase a Ferrari as a result of you purchasing via these links but I hope to keep the dog in waggly tail treats at some point.

So what DO I like, and what are my new midlife go to’s?

Does what it says on the pot!

ST IVES Collagen moisturizer.

Found this really long-lasting and suits my skin type well. It feels and smells amazing to put on, well rated on Amazon and I highly recommend. Very cost-effective at around £15.00 for two and they’re big pots!

beautiful new skin and 8 hours sleep in pressed powder form

NARS Light Reflecting Powder.

If like me, you hate feeling like you’ve got a face full of makeup and aren’t keen on wearing foundation everyday – This is a god send. Wait for your moisturizer to settle, big brush it over your face and you’ll feel like you’ve got brand new skin. It doesn’t seem to dry my skin out either. It’s pricey,  £35.00 and up but it’s totally worth it. Been using a single pot for 12 weeks now and loads left!

What I do not understand the hype about?

I don’t get it?

AHA Alpha Gold 100ml

The hype: This cult global best seller takes your skin to boot camp while you sleep – to exfoliate dead skin, sweep out the pores, firm the facial contour and reduce signs of fatigue and sun damage.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed my skin is drier, there’s no improvement to sun damage or age spots (such a lovely term) and it just doesn’t seem to be doing what I think it’s supposed to? I do have friends who rave about this, though, so as stated could just be my particular skin. I have a whole expensive pot of it that will join the others in the back of the cupboard.

So there you have it, my skin tips for the dry, dry, dry skin of a midlifer.


Have you found that your skin has changed in your midlife? Have you successfully experimented with your routine? I’d love to hear from you and maybe discover a new “GO TO”?




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