Why marketing ruins everything… Oh and kinder eggs.

Marketing has a lot to answer for really, from jolly fat men in red suits being defined as Santa Claus/Father Christmas to the proliferation of want in people’s lives. We (that’s the royal we) do a lot of harm. I work in marketing, so I can’t help but feel partly responsible.

As Bill Hicks put it :-

Bill hicks

We do some good stuff too, lots of charities employ marketers and so we also help people. I’m sure we do. We help people run business that feed families. Okay, I’m searching here…

But were ruining things as well, take the behemoth Facebook for example, if you have a Facebook page like I do for this blog you will see this an awful lot:-

Page admins have boosted this post to reach xxx number of people. Now that’s all fine and good and everything, but I get this every time I publish something. And the very kind Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that he’s going to ensure that you see more of only your friend and families posts from now on… Now call me a cynic but I suspect that the only way you’re going to get on people’s feeds in the near future is “IF” you have a sponsored or “boosted” post.

See just another example of marketers ruining it for everybody….

If you’re in the USA and wondering what a Kinder Egg is? Believe it or not these only went back on sale recently as they were banned by the FDA.

Link to article here – In short:-

“Kinder Surprise – chocolate eggs with toys hidden inside – were barred from sale in America by the Food and Drug Administration because of the choking hazard posed by the small toys.

But, Americans have been so eager to get their hands on the treat that 60,000 smuggled eggs were seized by border officials in 2011, according to the US Customs and Border Protection. “

Makes you think of a Kinder supply ring, I’m imagining some pretty shady types and housewives doing dodgy deals to get their hands on that chocolatey goodness and small toy.

Well, I’m not happy with Kinder Eggs or their marketing team right now. As they are promoting a gender ideal which is complete hogwash. Stood in a local supermarket the other day I noticed the kinder egg stand and it was different. There were two distinct sides to it. With one side shaded pink and one side shaded blue. If you chose a pink egg you were guaranteed a “Hello Kitty” toy and if you chose the blue egg you got a hot rod from “Hot wheels”.

At what point did we become this? Pink for girls? Blue for Boys? With gender appropriate contents based on the colour. I’m not sure why this annoys me so much. Maybe it’s because, it was us marketers who decided in the fifties that pink was suitable for girls and blue was suitable for boys. Before this point it was the other way round and someone in home depot after the introduction of prenatal sex testing decided that it would be an excellent way to sell more nursery furniture and items.

Yes, that’s right…. Pink used to be assumed to be a BOYS colour.

reblogged from Jezebel article

It isn’t even the ludicrous colour scheme, it’s the content of the eggs, an exciting dangerous and thrilling hot rod for little boys, whilst girls get a cute cat with ribbons. The lady stood next to me; smiled and said “I’d have much rather had the blue one when I was little”.

Do you know what – me too.

Rant over. Sorry for us marketers – we honestly start off with the best intentions.


What do you think about the upcoming changes to Facebook? Or even the colour appropriateness of toys. I’d love to hear from you. Comments below.


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