The early start, the five hour drive and the boiler – Trying to practice positivity and gratitude.

I found trying to practice gratitude on Tuesday morning a bit of a struggle….

Tuesday morning, I got up at 5.30am and I must admit, this is two snoozes and a bit of grunting after the original alarm went off – ooppssyyy. Showered, dressed and hair put in some kind of order, I head for the door – make Batman (likes comics and fights crime 🙂 – hence the nickname) a cup of perfectly lovely tea and head out on my way.

We have a dog, Joseph and we’re very lucky to have a dog sitting family with two dogs of their own, who regularly have him for us. He has a pack, has company all day and is usually wiped out when either myself of Batman picks him up in the evening. They do this at a very reasonable rate and we think they love him nearly as much as we do…..

So later in the day I see a whatsapp message from Batman explaining where the lead and collar is and just confirming we’ve both left for the day. I often have to drive down south from Birmingham to London using the M40 and the UKs largest carpark, the M25. Journeys can vary from two and half hours on a pedal to the metal run (observing the speed limit, officer) to my sat nav asking me if I wish to switch to pedestrian mode and four hours plus.

On a London run day this can mean a six/seven hour return drive on top of a seven hour work day interacting with people I barely manage to tolerate because I have bills to pay. This day was no different.

I get home to discover that Batman is working till 10 o’clock, the house is cold and empty and at 7.30pm, I still have to pick the dog up, do my mile a day and also cook something to eat.

I wasn’t feeling very grateful. I was feeling snarky and annoyed. I was feeling like the whole world was out to personally irritate me.

I then went for a run.

Photo of my happiness at another mile and a bit done!


I can’t recommend exercising enough. I really can’t. Anything that gets your heart rate up and sorts your emotions into the moment is very good for irritation. I got home, went to make dinner to discover water all over the kitchen side.

So…. I check the boiler and the pressure light is on and a steady drip is emanating from its underbelly – I think it may have been mocking me. Ha! You thought your day was bad…. Here’s what bad really looks like…


And then the Batman gets home earlier than expected after I text about the boiler and he’s there in the kitchen on his knees under the sink in a suit looking edible and I start to feel just the teensiest bit okay again. In fact I start to feel grateful. That I’m not facing the mocking boiler alone. Because whilst I totally could put my big girl pants on and face it, sometimes its nice to have a man on his knees being there for you.

I then start to turn it round, yeah – picking the dog up IS frustrating but the dog was so happy to see me. I’d have missed that bit if he’d already been in with Batman when I got home. Yes, I’m not happy at the corporate asylum at the moment but I’m doing something about it.

Its all about how you flip your mindset when the world seems out to get you. The more you can replace the negativity loop with the positives, the more often your mind will turn to the positive. Scientifically you make new neural connections. Its science and everything.

So the next time your day seems to be running away with itself, just try to flip it on its head and see the tiny positives. The more you can focus on them, the brighter they get!



How do you manage your stress levels? How do you flip things around?

I’d love to know…. Tell me below.








3 thoughts on “The early start, the five hour drive and the boiler – Trying to practice positivity and gratitude.

  1. This is my thing too–been keeping a gratitude journal and trying to pause throughout the day, even when it’s frustrating, to ask myself, “What’s right, right now?” And just focus on the details that are good. It really helps. And it seems to become more habitual in a pretty short time.

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    1. It’s just about trying to create a new loop in my head. Thanks for your comment another Midlifer! The blog I guess is kind of my journal. I decided this year I was going to try something different. I’ve tried keeping journals in the past but they never stick with me. Also and I am not sure why? I tend to censor myself in a journal? It tends to be less considered on the blog! I like your idea of mindfulness and moment. I’m going to give this a try. Lovely to see on your blog that you’ve got a lovely rescue dog 😘 I have a staffie.


      1. I LOVE staffies! I have a pit mix and a pit bull, both strays. I used to work with a trainer who had staffies and they’re my favorite.

        I’ve actually been doing this blog since I turned 40 but I went through a really long phase where I hardly ever posted. Getting a bit better now, been working on sort of restarting my creativity. The gratitude stuff and mindfulness really helps. You can’t write about things unless you NOTICE things.

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