It’s a tech lust post…. Gimme gimme gimme….

There’s some good things about being paid on the 20th December when you’re usually paid on the 1st and then there’s some not so good things. Like the longest month in living history. In precisely one week (have mercy bank, please have mercy.) I will have been paid and these are the items I’ve got my beady little eyes on.

They are all blogging related as I’m finding beautiful photography hard to find and I still want speed, where’s the fun in spending hours setting things up. The below items will help with some of the common problems I face in trying to take real-life photos and whilst they may not be a substitute for either natural light or my own camera crew, they will help me get better shots/video on my battered iPhone and what’s more they are fast to set up and use!

I am a proud member of the amazon affiliates programme and there are links below. It does not cost you a single penny to click on a link – however, if you purchase an item below on Amazon I will receive a small commission at absolutely no additional cost to you – it won’t be enough to buy a Ferrari but it will allow me to buy my dog some treats.

The tripod and iPhone remote clicker.

I’m loving taking photos with my phone for my “insta” feed but I’m struggling to get great shots. The tripod below comes with a little clicker to take photo’s remotely and extends and retracts making it perfect to set up on a table and possibly start to use for a VLOG as I’m toying with the idea. To taking with me on a run and getting some great outside shots in natural light. Oh be still my beating instagram heart….

ooo so easy and quick to setup


The light altering (Kardashian, who is she?) recommended Lumee

This is a professional lighting system that basically fits on your phone and creates a much nicer and more natural light than the awful flash. The video on amazon – says it all. Google or review it and you’ll find it’s actually highly rated. I need this in my life…. Its pricey (60 quid) but with sunrise at 7.30 and sundown at 16.30pm natural looking light is hard to find…. Especially on the move when you can’t carry the amazing kit below….

Let there be light!

This little baby creates natural looking light

Professional lighting system

Now here’s the real doozy, proper lighting to make those little shoots for the VLOG (if I start one) lovely and bright…. It’s compellingly priced at under £30.00. Extremely well rated.

Amazing! My own camera crew.

Yes, it’s like having my own crew, I really wish I wasn’t imagining international stardom and awards but y’know. A woman can dream right? At least I should look slightly more human if I start a VLOG, as it can be hard disguising the ravages of time when you’re in your midlife and the phone is facing upward in harsh light with every line in shadow…..

So, have you been paid yet? What technology or items are you secretly lusting after at the moment. You know what to do in the comments below…



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