So what’s this blog about then?

Well I’d like to think that Midlife with a twist is for people who feel out of sync with the instagrammable perfection and mainstream midlife expectations they see everyday. It’s about being the person you are and not the person you’re expected to be. Embrace your weirdness and goofiness you don’t have to be someone else’s expectation or ideal.

What will you write about?

You’ll find food, fitness, beauty, style, tech and posts that I hope will make you laugh, inspire you or show you something new. Everything here is a twist on the accepted norms and expectations. I like to share everything which includes (and is not limited too) – fitness tips, advice, life hacks, recipes, the occasional meltdown, inspiration piece and then guests, interviews and quotes all from real-life women because we’re all linked by the human condition.

I am starting MLWAT, at the age of 41 to chart my attempts to get in shape, stick to a plan, take up running, a fitness habit and generally rage against the dying of the light.

I promise you that all of my own photography where featured (both here and on other platforms) will be taken on my slightly battered iPhone and take no longer than about 10 minutes to shoot. If I take a photo of it its because it’s something I am doing or about to do.

I will never post about a product, service or give advice that I don’t believe in and nothing should ever take more than an hour to do. Authenticity and honesty are incredibly important to me and if you’re still reading then they are to you too.

I believe if you can develop confidence and stop caring about the bitchy inner and outer voices, then you can achieve anything.

About Me?

Hmm, my name is Sarah-Jane Foster, I am 41 and feeling slightly disenfranchised with the constant bombardment of women into roles. Do this, do that, eat this, don’t eat that… It’s all frankly, exhausting and I am hoping to connect with other women who feel the same.

I struggle with comparison, negativity, self-doubt, social anxiety and I want to help others who are stuck in the negative feedback loop. This year 2018 – is when i finally figure some of it out.

I live in Birmingham with Batman (my partner – long story), Joseph (the dog), Charlie Paws (the cat) and for several days and nights each week a rather fabulous eight year old boy.

How I ended up in Birmingham is deserving of a blogpost on its own.

I hope to still be writing to you in 2020.



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